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1 available

Cold Region Structural Engineering

Author: Esa Eranti; George C. Lee
Publisher: McGraw Hill Higher Education
Publication Date: 1986-07-01
ISBN: 0070370346
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Control Systems Synthesis: A Factorization Approach, Part I (Synthesis Lectures

Author: Vidyasagar, Mathukumalli
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool
Publication Date: 2011-06-15
ISBN: 1608456617
Type: Paperback


1 available

Domain-Based Parallelism and Problem Decomposition Methods in Computational Scie

Author: Keyes, David E. [Editor]; Saad, Yousef [Editor]; Truhlar, Donald G. [Editor];
Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Publication Date: 1987-01-01
ISBN: 089871348X
Type: Paperback


1 available

Electronic Access Control

Author: Honey, Gerard
Publisher: Newnes
Publication Date: 2000-04-18
ISBN: 0750644737
Type: Paperback


1 available

Electronic Security Systems: A Manager's Guide to Evaluating and Selecting Syste

Author: Pearson, Robert
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Publication Date: 2006-12-13
ISBN: 0750679999
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Environment Control for Animals and Plants (An ASAE textbook)

Author: Louis D. Albright
Publisher: American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Publication Date: 1991-01-01
ISBN: 0929355083
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Feedback, Nonlinear, and Distributed Circuits (The Circuits and Filters Handbook

Author: Chen, Wai-Kai [Editor]
Publisher: CRC Press
Publication Date: 2009-06-23
ISBN: 1420058819
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Laplace Circuit Analysis and Active Filters

Author: Meador, Don A.
Publisher: Pearson College Div
Publication Date: 1991-01-01
ISBN: 0135234816
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Nanoindentation (Mechanical Engineering Series)

Author: Fischer-Cripps, Anthony C.
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2004-08-20
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 0387220453
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Structure in Process Control (Van Nostrand Reinhold electrical/computer science

Author: Balchen, Jens G.
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 1987-11-15
ISBN: 0442211554
Type: Hardcover


1 available

The Properties of Fresh Concrete

Author: Powers, Treval C
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1968-01-01
ISBN: 0471695904
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Thyristor Theory and Application

Author: Laster, Clay
Publisher: TAB Books Inc
Publication Date: 1986-05-28
ISBN: 0830604650
Type: Paperback


1 available

Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook (Vol 6: Design for Manufacturability)

Author: Society of Manufacturing Engineers; Drozda, Tom [Editor]; Bakerjian, Ramon [Editor]; Wick, Charles [Editor]; Benedict, John T. [Editor]; Veilleux, Raymond F. [Editor];
Publisher: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Publication Date: 1992-06-01
Edition: 4th
ISBN: 0872634027
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives

Author: Li, Feng-Chen; Yu, Bo; Wei, Jin-Jia; Kawaguchi, Yasuo
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2012-02-28
ISBN: 1118181077
Type: Hardcover


1 available

Variable Speed Drives: Principles and Applications for Energy Cost Savings

Author: David W. Spitzer
Publisher: Instrument Society of America
Publication Date: 1990-05
ISBN: 1556172427
Type: Hardcover

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