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Contemporary Collectables
British Myths & Legends - Richard Barber - The Folio Society - John Vernon Lord
C'mon, Get Happy: Fear and Loathing on the Partridge Family Bus
Classical Chinese Furniture in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Entering New Worlds: The Memoirs of a Private Man in Public Life (Cornelia and
Epics of the Middle Ages (Folio Society, Quarter-Bound in Goatskin Leather)
Legends of the Ring
Lindbergh of Minnesota
Mercedes-Benz Type 300 SL Roadster - Spare Parts List Edition C
Minnesota: A History (The States and the nation series)
Myths and Legends of Russia
The Celts (Folio Society in Slipcase)
The First Folio of Shakespeare: The Norton Facsimile
The History of America (16 Volume Set / Easton Press)
The Lordly Hudson
The Mycenaeans and The Decipherment of Linear B
The Normans
The Phoenicians
The Vikings: Folio Society
Vanity Fair: A Novel Without A Hero
West of Key West