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Environmental Concerns
Air Pollution Control: Traditional Hazardous Pollutants, Revised Edition
Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want
Chasing the Wind: Regulating Air Pollution in the Common Law State
Citizens, Political Communication, and Interest Groups: Environmental Organizati
Climate Change and Carbon Markets: A Handbook of Emissions Reduction Mechanisms
Common Lands, Common People: The Origins of Conservation in Northern New England
Draining the Great Oasis An Environmental History of Murray County, Minnesota
Ecological Effects of Roads (Land Reconstruction and Management, V. 2)
Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's
Environmental Politics in France
Environmentalism of the Rich (MIT Press)
Federalism in the Forest: National versus State Natural Resource Policy (America
Fluid Arguments: Five Centuries of Western Water Conflict
Forests under Fire: A Century of Ecosystem Mismanagement in the Southwest
Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making
Immigrant killers: Introduced predators and the conservation of birds in New Zea
Junkyard Planet: Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade
Keeper of the Wild: The Life of Ernest Oberholtzer
Living with Lead: An Environmental History of Idaho's Coeur D'Alenes, 1885-2011
My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism
Natural States: The Environmental Imagination in Maine, Oregon, and the Nation
Nature As Landscape: Dwelling and Understanding
North Enough: AIDS and Other Clear-Cuts
On Borrowed Time: Assessing the Threat of Mineral Depletion (Rff Press)
People and Forests: Communities, Institutions, and Governance (Politics, Science
Planning Family Forests
Rocky Times in Rocky Mountain National Park: An Unnatural History
States of Nature: Conserving Canada's Wildlife in the Twentieth Century (Nature/
Taming Regulation: Superfund and the Challenge of Regulatory Reform
The Ecology of Fire (Cambridge Studies in Ecology)
The Fire Ant Wars: Nature, Science, and Public Policy in Twentieth-Century Ameri
The Price of Thirst: Global Water Inequality and the Coming Chaos
Toxic Burn: The Grassroots Struggle against the WTI Incinerator
Values at Sea: Ethics for the Marine Environment