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A Defense of Realism: Reflections on the Metaphysics of G. E. Moore
An Essay on Liberation
An Introduction to Ethical Theories
Applied Ethics in American Society
Art and Ethical Criticism (New Directions in Aesthetics)
Basic Concepts (Studies in Continental Thought)
Basic Writings of Nietzsche (Modern Library Classics)
Becoming Human: The Matter of the Medieval Child
Beyond Theodicy: Jewish and Christian Continental Thinkers Respond to the Holoca
Contemporary Philosophical Theology
Democracy and Social Ethics
Essays in Quasi-Realism
Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre, Revised and Expanded Edition
Free Will (Central Problems of Philosophy)
Gnostic Philosophy: From Ancient Persia to Modern Times
God and Post-Modern Thought: Philosophical Issues in the Contemporary Critique o
Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs: The Question of Alien Minds
Hand to Hand: Listening to the Work of Art (Perspectives in Continental Philosop
Heart and Mind: The Varieties of Moral Experience
In Search of the Ethical: Twentieth Century Moral Theory (Science, Ideology, and
James's Will-To-Believe Doctrine: A Heretical View
Kant's Theory of Knowledge
Kant's Theory of Knowledge
Key Thinkers in Linguistics and the Philosophy of Language
Lady Mary Shepherd: Selected Writings (Library of Scottish Philosophy)
Less about Me; More about We: Judeo-Christian Moral Foundations of Liberal Thoug
Moral Man and Immoral Society: Study in Ethics and Politics (Library of Theologi
Moral Philosophy from Montaigne to Kant: Volume 2: An Anthology
Nietzsche: The Ethics of an Immoralist
On Ideology (Radical Thinkers)
Philanthropy: Four Views (Studies in Social Philosophy & Policy)
Philosophers of Peace and War: Kant, Clausewitz, Marx, Engles and Tolstoy
Philosophical Logic: An Introduction to Advanced Topics
Philosophy and Mathematics, from Plato to the present
Plato's World: Man's Place in the Cosmos
Platonic Studies
Political Thought from Plato to NATO (Political Science)
Postmodern Theory
Pragmatism and Realism
Probability and Conditionals: Belief Revision and Rational Decision (Cambridge S
Rhetoric and Irony: Western Literacy and Western Lies
Sobering Wisdom: Philosophical Explorations of Twelve Step Spirituality
Studies in Greek Philosophy, Vol. 2: Socrates, Plato, and Their Tradition
Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment, Action, and Cognitive Extension (Philosophy of
The Blackwell Dictionary of Western Philosophy
The Five Great Philosophies of Life
The Moral Conditions of Economic Efficiency (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (Oxford Readings in Philosophy)
The Science Of The Soul: Scientific Evidence Of Human Souls
The Sleeper Must Awaken
The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer?s Perception of Time, and Predictions
Tolerance Among the Virtues
Truth and Ideology
Understanding John Dewey: Nature and Cooperative Intelligence (International Stu
Unlimited Love: Altruism, Compassion, and Service
What We're Up Against: The Destructive Force at Work in Our World - and How We C