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A Poetics of Political Economy in Egypt
American Indian Life
Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest (Ancient Peoples and Places)
Anthropology: A Student's Guide
Coorg: The Land of the Kodavas
Ethnicity on Parade: Inventing the Norwegian American through Celebration
From Tank Town to High Tech: The Clash of Community and Industrial Cycles (SUNY
Incest: A Biosocial View (Studies in Anthropology)
Light at the Edge of the World: A Journey Through the Realm of Vanishing Culture
Malanggan: Art, Memory and Sacrifice (Materializing Culture)
Maritime Adaptations of the Pacific (World Anthropology)
Natural Potency and Political Power: Forests and State Authority in Contemporary
North Korea: Toward a Better Understanding: Toward a Better Understanding (New A
The Last Shaman: Change in an Amazonian Community (Arakmbut of Amazonian Peru/An
Uprising of Hope: Sharing the Zapatista Journey to Alternative Development (Cros